About Liliana


Liliana Sanelli is best known as… the Perfect Connector. A strategic branding and event expert who has spent over twenty years working with some of world’s largest brands to create spectacular events; that inspire and delight audiences which creates unforgettable memories.

Her experience and creativity in branding, events and marketing can help your organisation build a compelling engagement strategy for your clients. We all agree that In today’s connected world anything is accessible, yet…why are we so disconnected? People crave human interaction and look for experiences that create life-long memories. How well does your brand connect with your customers and key stakeholders? How does this reflect in your commercial returns?

Liliana can help you create a point of difference through her Big Idea Workshops. Her infectious nature will have you thinking BIG, while challenging traditional approaches to branding, events and marketing. And, those BIG thoughts will end up in a clear 12 - 18 month strategic and tactical plan that you can start implementing TODAY.

Contact Liliana to see how her Big Idea Workshop could assist your business to stand out and scale up.



Perfect Events

Perfect Events

Perfect Events is Australia’s premier events company.

We specialise in not for profit, corporate, association, government and special events.

Since inception in 2007, we’ve produced over 500 events and helped organisations raise over $22 million across Australia and in the US.


Big Idea Workshops

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Building engagement with your clients is challenging. Everyone is fighting for their attention so to really connect with your audience your brand must touch them on a deeper level. Bringing together social causes, celebrities and business creates an intersection of uniqueness and interest in your brand. Contact Liliana to explore what Big Ideas you could use to engage and inspire your clients.


Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

People are fascinated with celebrity culture. Liliana has over a decade of experience running major events with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Lewis, Joel Edgerton, Olivia Newton-John, Steve Wozniak to name but a few. Hear her funny, heartfelt and inspiring stories of how she engaged top celebrities and how you can utilise big names in your business and social causes. 



Testimonial 1 - Charlie Spendlove

"Liliana is an extraordinary force, dedicated, innovative and driven by social change. A visionary that will challenge your thinking and deliver great results. Working with Perfect Events on the F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix demonstrated her commitment to creativity, flair and just a perfect event."

Charlie Spendlove,  GM Guide Dogs Victoria


Testimonial 2 - Amber Sloan

"Liliana and her team are fantastic to work with. They are as passionate about the success of MIFF's events as we are, and their experience and expertise helps us create a series of celebratory showcases every year for high profile local and international films holding their Premiere at the Festival. I'm very happy to recommend Liliana and her team, and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future."

Amber Sloan, Manager Graduations and Examinations at University of Melbourne


Luke Matias

"Liliana and her team are as good as it gets with event management. After attending, engaging and enjoying 'Perfect Events' on all scales, from small team gatherings to Globally recognised extravaganzas, each function has been simply flawless. "

Luke Matias, Founder Matias Group.

Meryn Pratt

"Want a great event, contact Perfect Events. Liliana and her team are first rate at listening to what you need and offering strategies to deliver. Highly recommended."

Meryn Pratt, Director HQ Melbourne