Big Idea Workshop


Events exist to engage an audience. A successful event has the ability to create life-long support for a brand.

Through her 20 years of working on events, creating memories, aligning partnerships and promoting the work of corporates, charities and communities Liliana has formulated a strategy that she refers to as the BIG IDEA WORKSHOP.

There has never been a time where leadership and support within the events industry has been needed more. During these changed – dare we say it! – COVID times the entire world is adjusting to how to incorporate social distancing regulations into life, work, public spaces and customer engagement.

Liliana is leading the charge within educating and supporting organisations as they re-imagine and re-instate events into their marketing and engagement strategies.

Unsure of what IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE in 2020 and beyond? Liliana has her finger on the pulse, is a thought leader of the industry and is passionate about the survival of real-life human engagement. How this looks for you and your organisation will differ. BIG IDEA WORKSHOP with Liliana will provide that clarity.

Virtual events? Hybrid events? In-person events? Engagement events? No event….?

A true academic of the events industry, combined with her approachable “realness”, Liliana is not the typical consultant. Her workshop style is not at all “cookie cutter” there are no preconceived notions of what your organisation needs brought inon a clipboard. Liliana’s signature 4C methodology – Clarity, Community, Commercial & Confidence – is collaborative and will lead you to outcomes during the workshop that not only determine a potential event strategy with creative concepts, partnerships, celebrity and influencer ideas, but also aligns your engagement with your organisation core values. The bonus of the BIG IDEA WORKSHOP with Liliana is that you are given exclusive access to Lily’s extensive networks and connections. Her generous and heart-led approach to consultation has led to her being known as “The Perfect Connector.” Who, where and what is possible is discovered through these half day workshops.

What clients have to say…

  • Liliana is the consummate professional, bringing energy, passion and value to every engagement. Liliana has made a major difference to the AIIA’s iAwards program this year through her innovative approach, talented team and her ability to understand the opportunities.

    Ron Gauci
  • Liliana is an extraordinary force, dedicated, innovative and driven by social change. A visionary that will challenge your thinking and deliver great results. Working with Perfect Events on the F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix demonstrated her commitment to creativity, flair and just a perfect event.

    Charlie Spendlove
    GM Guide Dogs Victoria