Making Your Next Event Spectacular and Profitable

I speak to a lot of people during the week. The first thing I ask: WHY are events important and WHAT is it that the events do for the business?

Quite often they do not have an answer at all…they look at me strangely wondering why I would even ask this question.

And here's why: events need to have a purpose, it is this WHY that attracts clients to attend.

Once this is understood I usually run a Big Idea workshop to assist them in clearly articulating their WHY through my three C's process. This half day session can significantly improve their event focus and often improves revenue over a number of years. The three C's process is as follows:


why is the purpose of this event? Why are you doing it? Who is it for? Really workshop this and get it very clear why you are doing the event…now each event varies and has different purpose for a different audience, so you will need to be very clear why you are doing this event. It will also differ when your events are to engage internal staff /stakeholder’s vs external markets and stakeholders.

  1. Ask yourself the question WHY you doing this event? Really be clear what the event is doing for the business/charity/personally

  2. Clarify WHO is the audience & then ask yourself again WHY are you doing this event?

  3. Does the event have multiple purposes for the different pillars/categories/segments of the business – if yes then ask yourself again WHY are you doing this event…. THEN WHAT does the event need to fulfil ……


What Difference are you making through these events ….now I don’t mean in terms of fundraising (although it can be) – I mean what is this event doing that changes peoples lives. What experience are you creating for them, what purpose are you driving for them to be here at this event? Each category/pillar/segment of the business would be different.

Eg: Financial Firm

Key Chain of supply for clients is their accountants, referrers to the firm (eg: lawyers, insurance brokers, lenders etc). Each of these referrers would need events tailored differently to keep them on board  to keep them engaged with the Firm to drive new business. Therefore, we need to look at events that will ultimately drive business for the firm however appeal to the various categories.

How we do this is by breaking down each segment of the business and understand what difference we are making to clients and how we add value to clients that will engage the referrers even more.


This is where we look at what ROI are we getting from each event. Now every event needs an ROI. An ROI can be financial and broken down in many ways or it can be marketing/branding exercise. However, if it is marketing and branding, then we still need to be clear on what success looks like so that the ROI matches everyone’s expectations.

It is important for this to be clear from the very beginning when you are planning events – as you need to ensure along the planning process you keep the team working towards the same goal. Aim is to work on an 18-month plan and to continue to review it to ensure all the success measures and goals are reached! 

Our ultimate goal is to grow from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE!

To book in your Big Idea workshop using my three C's formula email me at and see how we can grow your events and business.